Wireless Broadband 

  • Path surveys
  • System design
  • Specification of structures and equipment
  • Supply of structures and equipment
  • Installation and optimization of systems
  • Point-to-point and point-multipoint
  • Wifi systems
  • Technical support for wireless systems

Rooftop Sites

  • Construction of mounts
  • Supply & Installation of cable tray
  • Supply & Installation of antennas and cables
  • Design, Supply & Installation of lightning protection

Antennas & Cabling

In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

  • Coverage from 1000 square feet to 400,000+ square feet
  • Systems available for 3G (HSPA) and 4G (LTE)
  • Single or multiple cellular carriers
  • Supply and installation of all types of coaxial cable, connectors and accessories

Fibre Optics

  • Supply and installation
  • Connector installation
  • Splicing – mechanical and fusion
  • Interior systems – racks, termination boxes, cassettes
  • Testing and troubleshooting

Assistive Listening Device Systems (ALDS)

  • Hearing Loop Systems to pair with T-Coil hearing aids
  • Infrared Systems
  • RF Systems
  • Supply and installation in a variety of environments
  • Assistive Listening Systems public venues
  • Temporary systems
  • Portable induction loop systems