Visitors and congregants in houses of worship are often located a fair distance away from sound sources, such as speakers/presenters.  In addition, houses of worship are generally reverberant environments where sounds and noises tend to echo or bounce throughout the space, making it more difficult to hear clearly. Hearing Induction Loops expand the functionality of hearing aids and cochlear implants by amplifying the sounds you want to hear in houses of worship while limiting interference from other sources of noise.  These solutions minimize problems like background noise and poor acoustics, thereby delivering high-quality sound directly to users’ ear(s).

Often, when people develop hearing loss, they begin to withdraw from activities and public settings; they disconnect from the world and people around them because they can’t hear or experience things the way they used to.  They may stop attending worship services because they are no longer able to hear the messages of strength and encouragement.  Even individuals with hearing aids or other equipment may feel left out because of a perceived stigma associated with hearing impairment.  For these reasons and many others, hearing loss is often referred to as “the invisible disability”. 

Hearing Induction Loops create discreet listening experiences for those who use Telecoil equipped hearing aids or with the use of Hearing Loop receiver worn around the neck (can be used with hearing aids without telecoil capabilities or for those who do not have hearing aids but could benefit from an Assisted listening solution).

Several of your congregants could benefit from assistive listening devices but are hesitant to ask for them.  This may be because they don’t want to call attention to themselves, they don’t want to inconvenience anyone, or they may not know that accommodations exist to help them participate fully. 

Reaching out to those who feel disconnected from a community due to hearing loss is central to sharing the message of inclusion.  Genuinely compassionate service involves being aware of and caring for the needs of everyone, especially those dealing with impairments.  Make sure they are able to hear the beauty and emotion of the spoken word in your house of worship by providing them with the equipment they need to stay connected.

Our exceptional team would love to help your congregation get in the Loop!